About Us

Living Water Children Centre was established after Anza Kimaro met a six year old living on the streets and shared the story with his family. They did some research and discovered that there are over 1 million orphans in Tanzania with numbers increasing daily due to the HIV/AIDS and the Malaria pandemic.  Some orphaned children can be integrated into extended families, however lack of resources and lack of education mean that many of these children end up living on the streets fending for themselves.  These are children who urgently need a safe home.

In 2003, the Kimaro’s home was renovated to accommodate children and family income was used to ensure that children had food, medical care and other necessities. The Kimaro family started with two children in March 2003 and is currently serving over 50.  Some are children with disabilities whose families are unable to care for them, some have lost one or both parents, and some have family who are just too poor to be able to feed and clothe them.

The vision of the Living Water Children Centre is to ensure quality of life for the orphaned and the less fortunate children in Tanzanian society.

The objectives of the centre are to:

1. provide care and guidance to the children
2. provide quality education
3. establish a home where children are safe and feel secure
4. network with other organizations to support each other in the effort
5. raise public awareness about the plight of orphaned children
6. advocate for the rights of children

In 2008, LWCC former volunteer Ms Sherry Fine set up a Non Profit status 501c3 in the USA.  She united former volunteers who have been at LWCC Tanzania and formed a Board of Directors. Our Board friends come from different States: New York, South Carolina, Illinois (Chicago) and Massachusetts (Boston).   Sherry, who is the chairwoman of the Board, collaborates with volunteers and friends who are willing to organize fund raising events and create awareness of LWCC Tanzania.

Since the establishment of the Board, the Centre appreciates the ongoing support from our generous donors across the USA; funds donated have made it possible to meet many of our needs here in Africa. You can read about our needs on our “How You Can Help” page.

The open communication and transparency have linked our two offices into a long term friendship aimed at assisting less fortunate children here in Tanzania.  The existence and support of LWCC USA helps to ensure good governance of LWCC Africa and the long term sustainability of the organization.

In the future we look forward to other partnership possibilities for LWCC in Canada, Australia, Norway…